Monday, 3 March 2014


 So this weekend we decided to go to another part of the city that we hadn't been to before: Kensington. This trip obviously included a visit to Harrods, which was emotional to say the least. I hadn't been before but I love department stores, so I was excited. The difficult part was definitely the cosmetics hall, but I was good and treated myself to a Macaroon instead from the food hall.  
Jumper : Forever 21 | Skirt : Topshop | Bag : Zara | Boots : River Island

March definitely means that I'm allowed to start introducing more summery colours into my everyday wear as well as less layers. Without getting too carried away though as its still pretty cold, I compromised with the cropped baby blue jumper from Forever 21 - which is great for the in between weather as its extremely cosy.
Denim Jacket : Vintage Levi | Hat : Forever 21

I then popped on my favourite denim jacket and beanie to dress it down a little. The jacket is vintage Levi, and it was only £30, which is definitely a bargain in comparison to the ones from Urban Outfitters. My favourite part of this OOTD is definitely the bag. My flatmate Chloe got it and I couldn't resist snapping it up. 'Stressed' on one side and 'Well Dressed' on the other - Love.
Sunglasses : Camden Market | Necklace : Topshop

With accessories I added my favourite collar necklace which I got in the Topshop sale and my tortoise shell sunnies from Camden Market. The rest of the weekend we kept it pretty quiet, taking a trip to Selfridges on Sunday - Making it a weekend of department stores and drooling over designer bags which sadly none of us can afford as of yet. I also have a week off this week so its going to be good to catch up with uni coursework and plenty episodes of the hills.