Friday, 20 February 2015


Hi m'lovelies

While the majority of the blogosphere is loving life at fashion week, today I spent the majority of my time at uni, slaving away in the library on my dissertation.. which fyi, is due in 6 WEEKS. Jesus. I'm trying not to panic because I feel like I'm on the right track, however I also feel like that's impossible. Purely because I will have written a dissertation by the end of April, which is a TERRIFYING thought. Dissertations are for smart people. Academics. Not me. WOT.  Nevermind, by June I will hopefully be an actual Honours Graduate, which I guess is pretty cool. On another note, I can't believe that its been a YEAR since I interned down in London and got the chance to attend LFW. It's such an amazing time to be in London, as the buzz around a city full of creatives is like no other. That said, I will definitely be glued to all forms of social media this week, and I particularly can't wait for Burberry on Monday because as of right now, Christopher Bailey can do no wrong in my eyes!

Jacket : Primark : £25 | Dress : Zara : £29.99 | Boots : Topshop : £35.00

Uni breakdowns aside, I absoloutely love this dress. Zara TRF has been amazing so far this season. The never ending sale is finally over, and its packed full with perfect transition pieces from A/W into spring which includes a lot of lovely bohemian styles and colours. Its a gorgeous print, and works both during the day and dressed up at night with a belt and some heels. Another favourite from todays outfit is definitely the trench. Until I can afford a real one, Its basically my cheapskate interpretation of the infamous burberry trench, and for £25? LOVE. 

 Watch : Marc Jacobs | Necklace : H&M



  1. Love that trench on you!! I have the green one, but im quite tempted to get the beige as well haha

  2. I've been eyeing this dress in Zara for ages. It's gorgeous with your red hair! x

  3. This dress *insert heart eyed emoji* - it's perfect! I love the colour of it with your hair too, I'm also a red head and just love green against the colour of my hair! I love how it looks so pretty just itself and you don't need to dress it up with lots of accessories or anything :) Zara are just so on point at the moment!
    Ps, I hope everything goes well with your dissertation!! It won't be long now until you're finished :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger

    1. Thank you! Its so versatile which is what I love about it. Works fab during the day with tights or dressed up at night.. excited for the hotter weather so I can try it out with some sandals! Green has always been my favourite colour, its so under-rated!

      Thank you, hand in is less than two weeks and I'm starting to feel the pressure! Will all be worth it after its complete, printed and I have a well-deserved drink in my hand! haha

      Michelle xx