Sunday, 26 January 2014

Watch out London....

Its been quite a while since my last post, but I've been extremely busy with finishing my first semester of 3rd year. It was tough due to the fact that it involved two of my fears: maths and public speaking, but I think I done relatively well, so.. YEY!

Semester two begins at the start of February and I, like the majority of my uni peeps, are going on placement as part of our course.. and it just so happens to be in my favourite City, London (does a little happy dance). I will be down there for 9 weeks, carrying out my internship over 7 weeks, which hopefully will also give me the chance to do some exploring.

I will be interning for a fashion wholesaling agency called Place Rouge, which is situated in Notting Hill. Its an exciting and unique business and I am looking forward to working within the PR department, as it looks like ill learn a lot. I'll be doing all sorts of crazy things like being in charge of the sales diary, writing press releases and arranging meetings with buyers and other clients as well as hopefully being involved in London fashion week.. yes, FASHION WEEK.

It's all extremely exciting and scary all at once. If you know me, you'll know how much of a dream living in London and working in the fashion industry is to me, so its all a bit mad. but I cant wait to get going. 

I will be living with three of my favourite and most fashionable people in zee world, in student accommodation near to Bethnal Green. Those beautiful people include fellow bloggers: Chloe (, Ailish ( and Kirsty (

Being fashion daft, I've absolutely loved planning different outfits for the internship itself. The dress-code is 'Smart/Casual' and all back when we are dealing with clients, so I'll have a lot of different Work OOTD's to upload over the 7 weeks. 

I plan to blog a lot while I'm down in London purely because I now have the weekends free, which I haven't since I got my first job four years ago (the joys of retail). Also because I'll be busy which will hopefully mean that I'll have a lot to blog about. It will also be beneficial as it will help with the coursework that I have to do on my internship, which consists of a 2,500 word report (thrilled).

So yeah, watch out for future posts which should be on a relatively regular basis and I will see all of your beautiful Scottish faces in approximately 9 weeks, wish me luck!