Thursday, 22 January 2015

I need to get better at life.

It’s been over 5 months since my last post, which is pretty shameful. To be fair though, I’ve had one of the most full on semesters since I entered myself into 'fun fun fun' higher education. But enough with excuses, I’ve missed blogging and I have lots of new (and hopefully good) ideas for future posts. I want to focus on more than purely Fashion and open it up to a lot more writing of my thoughts, feelings and opinions. I was going to make a separate blog but then I thought to myself.. ‘Michelle, your track record with just one blog isn’t great, and also, does anyone really care enough?' Probably not. But, I find it therapeutic, so I thought I'd give it a bash!

I've seen lots of fab New Years resolutions posts. Therefore in true fashion, I’m going to kick off the year with mine... at the end of January.. so here goes:

1. Keeping in line with my commitment issues, my first resolution is to finish the things I start. It’s definitely a huge problem of mine as it’s safe to say that I have the attention span of a goldfish. Books left unfinished, previous resolutions left unfulfilled. Enough is enough, I am 21. I need to get a grip.

2. Learn how to write poetry. This sounds a bit weird, but I am absolutely obsessed with Slam Poetry/Spoken Word and I would love to be able to express myself like that. So yeah, that would be cool. If anyone’s interested in that kinda thing, I'd recommend subscribing to Button Poetry on YouTube.

3. Expand my vocabulary. After reading countless academic journals for my uni dissertation, I’ve realised that I lack the knowledge of the English language in a big way. I sat for hours reading just one article struggling to dissect the words in order to understand it’s basic meaning (which in my defence, totally overused complicated jargon). Nonetheless, I think that's pretty bad for a 4th year, soon to be, Graduate (fingers crossed). The first step in this quest of knowledge is the downloading of 'The Word of the Day’ app, which I’m sure will put me on the path of fabulousness. Word of the day: Enthesis (noun) - The point at which a tendon, ligament, or muscle inserts into a bone. Good to know.

4. Do something with my passion for the body positivism movement. If you know me at all, you’ll know how much I bang on about Body Image. It’s extremely close to my heart, and I would love to contribute to the movement in some way. Coming closer to the end of my degree (which I'm scared shitless about, fyi) has led me to start thinking about what I really want to do when I graduate. I still want to work in the fashion industry, but I would love to be able to combine both passions. I think body image is extremely important within the fashion world, and people often question my degree/career choice when I tell them how much I care about it, due to the materialistic aspect of the industry. However, behind all of that, the true essence of fashion is about expressing yourself and your personality. It still has a long way to go with the way in which it approaches body image, which is why I’d love to be able to help them along the way. Again if anyone is as interested in Fashion, the industry and specifically Body Image, I would highly recommend checking out StyleLikeU on YouTube. Their Videos are a breath of fresh air and they have honestly helped me along the road with my own Body Image issues. I would love to do something similar one day as their passion for the cause really inspires me to work towards my goal of making a positive contribution to the movement. Check them out, you won't regret it.

5. Worry less. I'm definitely one of those people who believes that ‘everything happens for a reason’ which doesn’t really make much sense with the amount of worrying I do. It’s partly because I suffer from Anxiety/Panic Attacks, but I am forever worrying about both the little and big things, which in the long run often causes me many more problems than the things I’m actually worried about. It’s exhausting and often unnecessary.

6. Appreciate my friends/family. I know that it’s extremely cliché but I am surrounded by the best bunch of people going and I need to appreciate them more often. I feel that over the past 6 months I’ve neglected them slightly due to the uni stress. Which is weird because I’ve probably needed them the most over that time. Even if it’s the odd text to see how they’re doing, I need to be more grateful of how fab they are.
And finally:

7. Travel.  Do it or you'll regret it later.


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  1. Michelle this was a great read! Keep up the good work! I must admit I only found it through procrastinating about my essay but I'll be looking out for future posts. I'll also go download that app!
    Skye x

    1. Thank you Skye you babe!! Its been so long, I need to get back into it! Good luck with the essay... this was purely dissertation procrastination for me :P x