Monday, 14 July 2014

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 Hii m'lovelies!

Its been a good two weeks since my last post, and I've been busy coming up with a lot of new and hopefully exciting ideas for you all! I'll be posting much more in the next few weeks, and I'm also going to be featured on Scotcampus's 'Today I'm Wearing' section from the 28th of this month, so watch out for that! This post involves another item that I purchased from my recent shopping trip to Primark. At only £8 this Paisely print kimono is gorgeous and perfect to chuck on when its warm yet still a bit windy, which it often is in Scotland at this time of year! I took a walk in the countryside with one of my best friends and her dog Diego, who kept being cheeky and photo bombing... good thing he's cute as a button.

I'm wearing a white chiffon dress which I purchased a few years ago from Topshop, and then a white lace crop top, also from Topshop! I think the top just adds more dimensions to the outfit and gives it a more 70's feel. 

Kimono : Primark : £8 | Dress (worth underneath) : Topshop | Top : Topshop | Arm Cuff : Primark

Collar Necklace : Topshop | Tube Necklace : Primark 


I'm an absolute sucker for silver jewellery so I decided to jazz the outfit up with a choker which was only £8 in the Topshop sale! I then added a smaller necklace and an Arm Cuff, both from Primark. The sunglasses worn here are one of my favourite pairs because I love over sized sunnies and I think the yellow half rim really makes them stand out! 

Bag : Zara : £19.99 | Sunglasses : H&M | Bracelets : Primark | Trainers : Nike Air Force 1 : £67.00

I bought the 'Stressed but Well Dressed' clutch in London from Zara in March, and its literally been my go to bag ever since. I think this outfit is pretty 'girlie' - so I finally chucked on a pair of trainers to make it more casual. 

electricfeel x 

Sunday, 29 June 2014

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 Hiii m'lovelies

I have officially been on holiday for a month now, and it has absolutely flown in! I'd love to say that I've done lots of exciting things in that time... but unless you count watching Netflix in bed with pizza or obsessing over boy band members then...  yeah, its been pretty average. I'm currently internship and job hunting ATM though which is going reasonably well, I hope! 

There is nothing I like more than a successful, stress free shopping trip and recently I done just that. Being on a budget as a poor student, I headed straight to the beautiful bargain bonanza ( I am so cool) that is Primark. I must say; Primark is usually a hit or a miss for me, but they definitely have some gorgeous stuff in at the moment. I found so many items that will no doubt be highlighted in my next few posts. A few of my favourite pieces are shown below.

This season I am loving anything and everything printed. Paisley, tribal, Aztec, florals: you name it. I love this outfit as it makes me feel summery, which is often difficult when you love black as much as me! My bag is a definite favourite of mine as I love the tassels and I LOVE how over-sized it is. It fits absolutely everything in it therefore its perfect for summer day trips/days out.

Skirt : Primark : £10.00 | Bag : Primark : £13.00  | Top : H&M : £9.99 | Sunglasses : ASOS : £12.00

 I then chucked on this gorgeous Kimono from Primark as it got a tad colder which added a bit of colour to the mix. I think I look a bit hippy-ish in this, but who doesn't love a bit of hippyness once in a while?! (so. many. made. up. words)

 Kimono : Primark : £10.00

  Planet Choker Necklace : Ebay : £2.50 | Shoes : New Look : £24.99

electricfeelfashion x

Monday, 12 May 2014

Student Loans, What would we do without them?!

Being a poor temporarily unemployed student, my summer wardrobe wasn't looking too promising after London.. until my favourite day of the month, SAAS day. Although it felt like a long time coming, I managed to finally pick up a few bargains. I'd had my eye on a pair of chunky, gladiator style sandals for a while and had seen a few online, but resisted because I hate buying shoes off of the internet due to my annoying in between sized feet. I then stumbled upon these babies from New Look for only £24.99, which were even cheaper with my student discount.. boom!

 Shoes : New Look | Bag : Dr Marten

Our course then held a car boot sale to raise money for our Fashion Show and the supported charity, Mrs Murray's Cats and Dogs home. I spotted this gorgeous Kimono, never worn with the tag on it, all for a lovely £3, another Bargain!

Sunglasses : Asos | Scrunchie : Claires Accessories | Kimono : Asos | Jeans : Joni from Topshop

 Top & Rings : Forever 21 

electricfeelfashion x

Friday, 25 April 2014

Pound drinks? It's good to be back!

After an amazing eight weeks in London, I'm finally back at Uni in the deen! I had an absolutely amazing time, and I genuinely didn't want to leave, however I have missed Aberdeen, my flatmates and of course, cheap drinks! This has meant that the majority of my time back has been spent going out... oops.

Top : Topshop | Skirt : Topshop | Boots : River Island

Other than that, most of my time is again filled with Uni. As part of second semester, our year are organising and hosting the University's annual Fashion Show. This year the theme is Northern Lights, which will incorporate all things Aberdonian in order to raise money for Mrs Murray's Cats and Dogs Home. Our team is in charge of the models, styling and the sourcing of garments, so we've been pretty busy with all of the organisation as well as doing fun things while fundraising money for the charity!

The event on the 30th of May will involve a showcase of current high street trends as well as some fab live entertainment. If anyone is interested in coming I would absoloutely love you forever, and if so, contact me and I'll sort you out with tickets.

As well as the fashion show, I'm currently flat hunting for next year of uni.. which will be my last (WHAAAT). Not gonna lie, I hate trying to find a flat - Especially in Aberdeen due to the lack of them and how expensive they are. I'm excited though to hopefully get something nice after living in halls for the past year, cause as much as I've loved it - it will good to have somewhere more homely!

After the show, I'll be moving home to Falkirk for up to two months - which will give me a lot of time to focus on blogging and other fun stuff like road trips and traveling (hopefully). My goal this summer is to spend more time outdoors and be more active, instead of spending the majority of my time inside, hungover and on the internet (I'll try....). I've been trying to do so already by making the most of Aberdeen as its been getting warmer.. because why live near a beach if you're not going to visit it?

I'll be posting a lot throughout the next month with the progress of the show as I'm really enjoying being involved in all of the creative aspects of organising it, so watch out for that!

Until next time,

electricfeelfashion x

Monday, 3 March 2014


 So this weekend we decided to go to another part of the city that we hadn't been to before: Kensington. This trip obviously included a visit to Harrods, which was emotional to say the least. I hadn't been before but I love department stores, so I was excited. The difficult part was definitely the cosmetics hall, but I was good and treated myself to a Macaroon instead from the food hall.  
Jumper : Forever 21 | Skirt : Topshop | Bag : Zara | Boots : River Island

March definitely means that I'm allowed to start introducing more summery colours into my everyday wear as well as less layers. Without getting too carried away though as its still pretty cold, I compromised with the cropped baby blue jumper from Forever 21 - which is great for the in between weather as its extremely cosy.
Denim Jacket : Vintage Levi | Hat : Forever 21

I then popped on my favourite denim jacket and beanie to dress it down a little. The jacket is vintage Levi, and it was only £30, which is definitely a bargain in comparison to the ones from Urban Outfitters. My favourite part of this OOTD is definitely the bag. My flatmate Chloe got it and I couldn't resist snapping it up. 'Stressed' on one side and 'Well Dressed' on the other - Love.
Sunglasses : Camden Market | Necklace : Topshop

With accessories I added my favourite collar necklace which I got in the Topshop sale and my tortoise shell sunnies from Camden Market. The rest of the weekend we kept it pretty quiet, taking a trip to Selfridges on Sunday - Making it a weekend of department stores and drooling over designer bags which sadly none of us can afford as of yet. I also have a week off this week so its going to be good to catch up with uni coursework and plenty episodes of the hills.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

You sound like you're from.... East London?

This weekend myself and Chloe (A.K.A the midget/dinosaur) decided to have a wander through Shoreditch, including a visit to the infamous Bricklane. Its well known for its street art and fashion, so it was a definite must see for me!

Being in-between seasons, my goal for Spring/Summer this year is to invest in more colour for my wardobe, as you may have noticed I am a self confessed lover of anything and everything black. I did try my best on Saturday to add a little colour into my OOTD, and since it was not only quite sunny, but warm.. I got the chance to wear my sunglasses for the first time this year! I really like this outfit because it definitely is more summery than anything I've been wearing recently, which is a nice change after what feels like an age wearing numerous layers of jumpers.

Trousers : Missguided | Kimono : Missguided | Boots : River Island | Jacket : Topshop | Bag : Zara
Sunglasses : Camden Market | Necklace : Topshop

Bricklane has a really good vibe to it. The street art was like something you see in magazines, and it definitely adds to the character of the area. That coupled with some amazing vintage shops, and I was sold. The day was then topped off by a visit to the Drunken Monkey for some cheap but amazing Dim Sum. Night brought round another visit to Shoreditch, to a club called Cargo - which we naturally loved due to the RnB room playing some cheesy classics.... Rap battling with Londoners was probably the highlight of the night for me.

 On Sunday, again like the week before, the hangover giggles were in full swing and we decided to finally visit The Breakfast Club in Hoxton. I have no words for how much it made me feel human again after another cheap bottle of sainsbury's 'finest' wine... we queued for about half an hour, but it was definitely worth it. I had an All American breakfast and an 'Elvis Shake' (Peanutbutter, banana, vanilla ice cream - the lot). If anyones ever in London, this is a must.

I'm really enjoying having my weekends free, which I've not been used to in the past. Plus there's no better place to spend them than a place where there is literally so much to do! I'm not homesick in the slighest, but I do wish I could relocate all of my friends to down here, because I know how much they'd all love it! Next weekend though two of my favourite people from home are coming down for a visit, which I'm extremely excited about... as well as hopefully a visit to Chelsea! (Francis Boulle/Andy Jordan - Watch out)

Saturday, 22 February 2014

Popping my fashion week cherry....

Like i said in my last post, time down here in London for me is flying. It slightly scares me that I only have roughly another month left until I have to leave, plus it felt like just yesterday that I was dreaming about going to fashion week, and now its all over. I had the amazing opportunity to access a fast track buyers pass, which was given to me by the company I'm interning for. I had one show to visit with work, and the rest of it was up to me to explore. So on Saturday morning I braved the wind and rain and ventured to Someset House to see what and who I could find.

I loved my OOTD on Saturday, it was simple but played up with accessories such as my favourite hat, which I unfortunately lost infront of everyone at Someset House due to the bloody wind (cringe), As well as a chunky necklace and my favourite heeled boots.

The top and skirt are both absolute steals from Forever 21, and I also got my boots from the River Island sale, making the outfit probably one of the cheapest going about on the day.

From the minute I arrived off the bus, everyone in and around Someset House looked amazing, and I genuinely spent the majority of my time there just staring at them all and thinking about how much I envied all of their effortless style.

I then happened to hear some familiar Scottish accents from the distance, which turned out to be some of my favourite bloggers/instagrammers etc: Sherri Scott, also known as: and I did feel like a bit of a tool just appearing and introducing myself but they couldn't of been lovelier.

I then spent the rest of the day roaming around into all of the different parts of the grounds and seeing who I could spot, as well as getting papped by a few fellow bloggers and internet peeps, which was all new and a tad scary. This included spotting quite a few models as well as Myleen Klass. I enjoyed the networking side and meeting new people, and also got to go and view the showrooms, which were full to the brim with new and exiciting designers which I'll definitely be keeping an eye on.


Jump to day four, as day three I was far too hungover to venture out anyhwere, I got to visit the Mother of Pearl show with the girls from work. It was all rather exciting as it was my first ever proper show, and I was in for a treat. As the models decended one by one, I fell in love with the collection wholeheartadly. The look below on the right was one of my personal favourites and the embelished skirt was even more beautiful in real life.

As for my outfit, I was to wear black, which I never complain about. So i went for a simple black Zara dress from last season, again purchased in the sale... for £17.99 (Yes, I know). With my black topshop brouges, my Asos gold watch and my favourite Zara Coat.  I spotted some bloggers and familar faces at the presentation, and it was all very cool. Again I was slightly jealous of the numerious Celine, Givinchey and Prada bags being worn with pride by many of the guests - one day.

I absolutely loved the fashion week buzz around during LFW as it attracted so many stylish and interesting people to the city. It was definitely an exciting time to live in London and hopefully i'll be able to make it down again for next season as it definitely has me hooked. The girls at work are now getting ready to leave for Paris on Wednesday, and its unreal how jealous I am, but staying in London means that I get a week off to rest and hopefully start this dreaded Uni report, as thrilling as that will be...........

This weekend the girls and I are heading out again on Saturday night as well as doing some more exploring of different parts of the city, which will hopefully involve a visit to the highly rated Breakfast Club and maybe even Krispy Kreme....

My next post will probably be a short review of my favourite pieces from LFW, so have a look out for that over the weekend!

Monday, 10 February 2014


So I've been in my new temporary home for just under two weeks now and so far I'm absolutely loving it. Its been the busiest but best two weeks that I've ever had and its going so so fast. Our accommodation is pretty basic with possibly the worst shower in the world and a slight smell of dead rodent, but its liveable. Plus there's nothing better than living with some of your favourite people which results in never ending banter and limitless amounts of clothes to share. My first weekend in London consisted of some sightseeing and then of course, a night out. Armed with a £4 bottle of wine each containing the highest alcohol percentage my flatmates and I could find, we ventured out into Shoreditch. It was possibly one of the funniest nights out I've had in a while, involving making best friends with a taximan, falling through doors and sliding up and down the accommodation hallways.. plus Ailish found her watch the next morning..... in the fridge......

Work has been fun and sometimes challenging, but my manager and the girls I'm working with are lovely which makes it all a lot less scary. It is so amazing to finally be a part of the industry, even just as an intern. During my first week I got to sit in during meetings with buyers as well as doing a lot of admin work and merchandising. However, just as I started to get used to my morning commute, BAM... tube strikes. This meant having to leave the flat at 6.45am to make it to work for 9am, and not getting home til 10 at night because of the traffic/shitty buses/overcrowding. This would be a struggle for the best of us but for me it was extremely painful, as if you know me at all, you'll know how much I HATE getting up early BUT I SURVIVED and I arrived on time everyday, YEY. Strikes are scheduled again for this Wednesday/Thursday and the dread is beginning to set in.... but at least now I won't be so clueless with directions as I'm starting to get to grips with the City. Despite the tube disasters, the week ended on a high when I was told my by manager that I'm getting a full pass to FASHION WEEK, which means not only am I going with work, but I also get to go at the weekend to hopefully spot some bloggers and find some famous people, which makes all the early mornings and hours lost on the bus totally worth it!
The weekend kicked of with a trip to Covent Garden after work with the gals which involved a ShakeShack, a cocktail to celebrate surviving our first working week and a wander through Leicester Square. On Saturday we then went to Portobello road market which I loved and after getting lost on the tube we finally went round to a friends for some drinks. On Sunday we braved the hangover and went into my favourite part of London for a wander, Camden. I love it because everyone looks so cool and the majority of my favourite bands have played there at some point in their career... I definitely could see myself living there in the future.

After my first near enough two weeks, I don't know how It can get any better and I will definitely be gutted to leave after the nine weeks is over, but hopefully next time I come down it will be for much longer if not indefinitely... fingers crossed!

Watch out later on this week for a 'What I wore to work this week' post and then the next one will no doubt be a post containing A LOT of fangirling over Fashion Week... You've been warned. 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

Watch out London....

Its been quite a while since my last post, but I've been extremely busy with finishing my first semester of 3rd year. It was tough due to the fact that it involved two of my fears: maths and public speaking, but I think I done relatively well, so.. YEY!

Semester two begins at the start of February and I, like the majority of my uni peeps, are going on placement as part of our course.. and it just so happens to be in my favourite City, London (does a little happy dance). I will be down there for 9 weeks, carrying out my internship over 7 weeks, which hopefully will also give me the chance to do some exploring.

I will be interning for a fashion wholesaling agency called Place Rouge, which is situated in Notting Hill. Its an exciting and unique business and I am looking forward to working within the PR department, as it looks like ill learn a lot. I'll be doing all sorts of crazy things like being in charge of the sales diary, writing press releases and arranging meetings with buyers and other clients as well as hopefully being involved in London fashion week.. yes, FASHION WEEK.

It's all extremely exciting and scary all at once. If you know me, you'll know how much of a dream living in London and working in the fashion industry is to me, so its all a bit mad. but I cant wait to get going. 

I will be living with three of my favourite and most fashionable people in zee world, in student accommodation near to Bethnal Green. Those beautiful people include fellow bloggers: Chloe (, Ailish ( and Kirsty (

Being fashion daft, I've absolutely loved planning different outfits for the internship itself. The dress-code is 'Smart/Casual' and all back when we are dealing with clients, so I'll have a lot of different Work OOTD's to upload over the 7 weeks. 

I plan to blog a lot while I'm down in London purely because I now have the weekends free, which I haven't since I got my first job four years ago (the joys of retail). Also because I'll be busy which will hopefully mean that I'll have a lot to blog about. It will also be beneficial as it will help with the coursework that I have to do on my internship, which consists of a 2,500 word report (thrilled).

So yeah, watch out for future posts which should be on a relatively regular basis and I will see all of your beautiful Scottish faces in approximately 9 weeks, wish me luck!