Friday, 10 April 2015

Who knew that Scotland could be this sunny?

Hi m'lovelies

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous recently in Scotland and to be honest I've not seen much of it. Today I finally managed to drag myself away from my dissertation (or rather my dissertation procrastination) in order to rummage through Aberdeen's vintage shops while soaking up as much sun as possible. Its officially two weeks today until the hand in, which is pretty bloody frightening BUT I'm starting to see the finish line. HOORAY!

 Top : H&M : £14.99 | Culottes : H&M : £24.99 | Boots : Topshop : £35 | Hat : Primark : £8

Other than writing my dissertation I've not really been doing much with my life. I did get a haircut recently though which was a HUGE change for me. I've literally had the same haircut for about 6 years (at least), which is insane. I was worried that I wouldn't suit shorter hair and I was literally waiting to burst out into tears when the hairdresser cut it all of in a pony.. but surprisingly it felt amazing.  I can't tell you how annoyed I am for not doing it a long time ago and I now believe in the power of a new hair style to totally cheer you up. It's easier to manage and my hair now looks 100x thicker and healthier. If you're considering going for the chop, do it - midi/short styles are bang on trend right now and I can guarantee that you won't look back!

Sunglasses : River Island : £12 | Bag : Primark : £12 


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