Monday, 12 May 2014

Student Loans, What would we do without them?!

Being a poor temporarily unemployed student, my summer wardrobe wasn't looking too promising after London.. until my favourite day of the month, SAAS day. Although it felt like a long time coming, I managed to finally pick up a few bargains. I'd had my eye on a pair of chunky, gladiator style sandals for a while and had seen a few online, but resisted because I hate buying shoes off of the internet due to my annoying in between sized feet. I then stumbled upon these babies from New Look for only £24.99, which were even cheaper with my student discount.. boom!

 Shoes : New Look | Bag : Dr Marten

Our course then held a car boot sale to raise money for our Fashion Show and the supported charity, Mrs Murray's Cats and Dogs home. I spotted this gorgeous Kimono, never worn with the tag on it, all for a lovely £3, another Bargain!

Sunglasses : Asos | Scrunchie : Claires Accessories | Kimono : Asos | Jeans : Joni from Topshop

 Top & Rings : Forever 21 

electricfeelfashion x

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  1. This outfit is so perfect! And I can't believe you picked up the kimono for only £3, what an absolute bargain! - I seriously love your style :)
    Nicole xx / Life in Ginger